About Me

I am an artist specializing in mixed media painting for about 40 years. I frame my work in my own hand painted, sometimes gold or copper leafed and embellished frames. When faced with “empty nest syndrome”, I got a part-time job at a bead shop. I have been playing with beads for years and collecting them while traveling. I really enjoy making jewelry, a creative process so different from painting. I have been selling my creations locally for over ten years.

I love that there are women everywhere wearing my jewelry!

About Aunt Marvel

My Aunt Marvel was an eclectic, arty, and fun-loving woman. She worked in Hollywood as a body double when she was young, and later became a clay artist. She could wear an elegant dress with a long jade necklace, or the top part of a gorilla costume with pink slacks and an ethnic brass choker- that really happened!

I am most thankful for our relationship and her encouragement of my creative and wacky side.